OctoCue receiver installation (macOS)


OctoCue Receiver is supported on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer.

While it'll probably install on older operating systems, we don't officially support this - your mileage may vary.


Download the ZIP file and extact OctoCue.app from the zip folder.

To run the app, double click on OctoCue.app - you may want to copy this to your Applications folder for convenience.

App permissions#

On first run (and first click), the macOS will prompt you to grant permissions to OctoCue receiver.


OctoCue receiver on macOS requires Accessibility permission and Automation permissions - see below for samples. To check this, open System Preferences, Security & Privacy.



Once all the correct permissions have been granted, close and re-open OctoCue receiver before running a show.


To Remove OctoCue receiver on macOS, simply delete it from your Applications folder.