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Troubleshooting: PowerPoint add-in

PowerPoint add-in installation fails with the message 'There was an error during installation'#

If you're getting a message similar to the one above, you may need to:

  • Unblock the installer, or
  • Manually install the FIX8Group software signing certificate onto your machine

Unblock the installer#

Manually install the FIX8Group software signing certificate#

Checking port 60345#

OctoCue uses UDP messages on network port 60345 to send show data from the PowerPoint add-in to OctoCue Receiver.

If another program is using port 60345, this data may not be received correctly and notes will not be available.

To help diagnose this issue:

  • Take a look at the OctoCue Receiver logs (details & log locations here). Log entries with EADDRINUSE may indicate a port access issue.
  • Check the listening ports on your Windows installation: Open Resource monitor >> Network >> Listening Ports to see what else might be using port 60345.


If you do find other programs using port 60345, please drop us an email to so we can help future users that may have issues.