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Autocue-style notes

Live PowerPoint notes are available on all presenter clickers when the PowerPoint add-in is running.

This is normally a mobile device - but for some setups, a dedicated screen showing notes can be useful.



Separating out notes and buttons onto two screens can:

  • Improve the presenter eye-line
  • Give the presenter a simpler clicker
  • Allow for bigger notes screens to show more text


To set this up:

  1. Connect your presenter to your show in the normal way, using the mobile app
  2. Setup a separate device (normally a laptop) with an optional external screen for the notes
  3. Connect the laptop to the same show using the URL details below

in OctoCue, notes are only displayed on active clickers - so to get your separate notes display working, you'll need to:

  1. Disable auto-mute - details here
  2. On the show control dashboard, activate both the presenter clicker (so they have slide control), and the separate notes display (so they can see notes).

Browser URL#

Set the following flags in the URL you use for the notes display:

  • code=a1b2c Your show code
  • name=Jo+Bloggs+show+notes A descriptive name so you can differentiate between the presenter buttons and the second notes display
  • view=buttonsAndNotes Will prompt the web browser to jump straight to the notes page
  • invite=0 Will skip the invite system and go straight to a browser clicker
  • notesSize=20 Preset the notes size

Full link example#


  • While you can manipulate the text size, there's currently no way to auto-scroll (or auto-fit) the notes text, so you'll need to make sure all the notes fit on-screen. If necessary, split the slide deck up to allow for multiple clicks (and notes) per slide, or have a separate operator scroll the text windows for you - maybe via TeamViewer or RDP.
  • While you can manually control text size using the on-screen icons, there's currently no automated way to vary text size on slide-by-slide basis.