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Custom buttons - Capabilities

With custom buttons you can:

  • Create up to 8 custom action buttons
  • Setup OctoCue Receiver to emit custom keystrokes, OSC, UDP and/or TCP commands with each received button press - see the receiver setup page for details
  • Set individual button text & colour
  • See custom button presses live in the show control dashboard
  • Mute and unmute custom button users individually
  • Control multiple show computers simultaneously
  • Control which buttons are displayed to each presenter can see - either all available buttons, or a sub-set of buttons. See the clicker links page for details.
  • Vary button size by user - see the clicker links page for details.

For example, if you have a 4-button setup:

  • Buttons 1 & 2: Show/hide PIP 1
  • Buttons 3 & 4: Show/hide PIP 2

By sending different links to your two users, you can have them only see the two buttons that relate to their PIP, and they won't be able to hit the wrong button by accident.

A popular use case is to use OctoCue to control vMix via TCP, or BitFocus Companion via OSC.