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Presenter links vs permalinks

If you're planning to distribute links to your presenters pre-show, you have the choice of sending presenter links, or permalinks. These two link types have different pros and cons:

FeaturePresenter linkPermalink
Sample format
Access controlAlways gives direct access to showCan be re-directed to holding page when required
SharingCan be emailed, or presenters can log in using show code on https://octocue.comNeeds to be emailed to presenter
Link creationAlways available, created during account registrationMust be manually created by user
Best forQuickly giving access to presenters, system testingDistributing to presenters pre-show so you can control who can log in

You can find your presenter link by logging into OctoCue and heading to Show setup. It's always of the form

where xxxxx is your 5- (or 36-) character show code.

Permalinks need to be setup manually by logging in and selecting Permalinks from the main menu