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Show code options

Individual OctoCue accounts are identified using unique show codes. These are 5- or 36- character long strings, and are not case-sensitive.

Every presenter, controller & receiving device uses this code to select which show to connect to.


There's no functional difference between 5- and 36- character show codes. One is more convenient, and one is more secure - that's all.

Sample codes#

  • Short: ab1cd
  • Long: 99be5847-19d7-4e2b-ac67-3932fdd81a2f

Account holders can switch between 5- and 36- character codes using the Show setup options in the show control interface, and show codes can also be regenerated between shows - so any presenters with old codes cannot access your new shows.

Before sharing show codes with your presenters, take a look at the permalink options available.