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Account FAQs

Can I get a full invoice with my company details on it?#

Short answer: No

Longer answer#

OctoCue Ltd. is a UK VAT-registered business. All our sales are classed as business-to-business (b2b) transactions and as such, only clients based in the UK pay sales tax (VAT) on our products.

UK clients#

All transactions are below £250, the threshold at with a full VAT invoice is required. Hence we only issue simplified VAT invoices, as per HMRC guidelines.

Non-UK clients#

Businesses based outside of the UK (including all EU businesses) pay no sales sales tax on OctoCue products as these are classed as b2b supplies.

The UK tax authority (HMRC) require us to collect some business details from you when making a b2b supply. This is requested and submitted to us automatically when you complete a purchase.

As there's no sales tax on the transaction, you cannot reclaim any sales tax on your OctoCue purchases, and do not require full invoices.


We're not international tax experts - if you think we're wrong here:

  • Double check with your accounts department - send them a link to this page. We often find there a simple misunderstanding about the tax situation.
  • If you still need further details, or you think we've got something wrong, please get in touch.