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Managing multiple accounts

OctoCue has a strict one-account-one-show architecture.

If you need to run multiple simultaneous shows, you'll need multiple accounts, each with it's own email address.

Your presenters will never see the account email address, so you can setup generic emails - many of our users use a setup similar to:

  • ...

By having individual email addresses for each show, it's possible to share these details with your technicians without them inadvertently using the wrong account and crashing into the wrong breakout session.

For added clarity, the email address of the account you're using is permanently displayed in the top right of the show control dashboard.



Your billing email addresses - which you use when starting your paid plan - does not need to be the same as the OctoCue account email.

Stripe (our payment partner) will use your billing email address for any payment or subscription notifications.

By using a single, common billing email address across all your OctoCue accounts, you'll only need to check one inbox to see your payment history.

Finally, if you're setting up 3 or more annual subscriptions, don't forget to check out our 4-for-3 offer.