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Advanced link options

Various presenter settings can be controller by editing the links you share.


To help you quickly build custom links for multiple presenters, download our link builder spreadsheet utility for Excel and Google Sheets.

If you'd like to build your own solution, or just need a couple of links, full details are below.

A sample link looks like:

Options available are:

  • code=a1b2c Required. This is your show code, and links this presenter to your show. It's always alpha-numeric, 5- (or 36-) characters, and is not case sensitive.

  • name=Jo+BloggsOptional. This will pre-set the presenter name (Jo Bloggs), so your end user will not need to add this themselves.
    If this parameter is omitted, the clicker will prompt the user to enter a name, or use an existing name if one is stored on the user's device.


    Names need to be URL-encoded; in our example, the whitespace between Jo and Bloggs has been replaced with +. Online tools such as can help with this process, or use our link builder spreadsheet utility

  • screentimeoutprompt=0 Depreciated - do not use in new deployments

  • view=justButtons Optional. Sets the default view the presenter will see. Options are:

    • justButtons - the default button-only page
    • buttonsAndNotes - start on the combined notes/buttons page

    Note that this field is case-sensitive.

  • notesSize=20 Optional. Pre-sets the size of the notes text (in px). The default is c. 16px.

  • invite=0 - Optional. Skip the invite system and go straight to a browser clicker. See this news article for details of how the invite system works.

  • logo=[URL] - Optional. Replace the OctoCue header logo with your own. Logos should be transparent PNG files, 160x40px and hosted at a https:// address. Addresses should be URL-encoded.


    The logo-replacement feature is experimental. Use at your own risk!

  • max-width=2000 Optional. The browser clicker is normally restricted to 1024px wide for UI reasons. Setting this to e.g. 2000 will allow the clicker to be up to 2000px wide, assuming there's screen width available.

  • keypress=1 or keypress=true Optional. Control whether the clicker will respond to keyboard keypresses - see the physical button options page for more details. Defaults to false to avoid accidental clicks.

  • custom=1 or custom=true Used with custom button setups only

  • buttons=1,2,4 Used with custom button setups only

  • size=1,1,3 Used with custom button setups only

Using advanced options with permalinks#

All of the options listed above can be used with permalinks, but you'll need to omit the code=xxxxx variable, as this is auto-populated for you by the permalink system.

A sample permalink (with ID: TestLink) would look like: