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Custom buttons: Button setup


First, you'll need to ask us to enable custom buttons on your account - drop an email to with your account details.

Button configuration#

To configure your buttons, log in to your account and go to Show setup - Setup custom buttons


Here you'll need to set:

  • Label - The text displayed to your user e.g. Show presenter titles. Max 50 characters.
  • Short description - The text displayed on the show control dashboard when this button is pressed e.g. Titles on. Max 20 characters
  • Class - The CSS class style to apply to the button - see examples below.

You don't set the button display order, who sees which buttons or what size the buttons should be here, as these can vary by user.

See Setup - clicker links for details of these options.

Button colour choices#

Button colours are set using the standard Bootstrap colour choices. Options are:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • success (green)
  • danger (red)
  • warning (orange)
  • info (light blue)
  • light
  • dark