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Custom buttons - limitations

While custom buttons are very powerful tools, they're not intended as a replacement for VPNs or remote desktop access - it's for allowing trusted non-technical users control of specific functions in your show only.

With this in mind:

  • You're limited to 8 custom buttons per show. Drop us a note if you need more than 8 buttons so we can understand your use case better.
  • Custom buttons don't support the PptDirect control scheme, so are not a good choice for controlling slides (particularly with embedded videos). Use standard Next/Back controls instead.
  • You can't mix and match Next/Back buttons and custom buttons on a single clicker
  • There's no buttonDown and buttonUp events, so you cannot setup push-to-talk [PTT] style actions - if you want to control a microphone, you'll need to use two buttons - one Mic on and one Mic off.
  • There's limited security attached to custom buttons - they're designed for trusted users. You may want to consider using long show codes, and regenerating them between shows.
  • While OctoCue has active clicker feedback (we know the click has been received by the server and sent to the receiver), there's way for your end control system (e.g. vMix, Companion) to send return feedback to the clicker. Control messages are one-way only.
  • While you can set button text and colour, buttons are displayed on-screen in a vertical stack. You can control the button size, but there's currently no way to manage the button layout beyond this.
  • Custom buttons are not supported by the OctoCue Presentation Remote App (on Android or iOS) - it's in-browser only. For this reason, clickers which display custom buttons will bypass the normal invite/QR code system and go directly to a browser-based clicker.