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OctoCue receiver#

The receiver app runs in the background on the PowerPoint machine. It receives click data from OctoCue and returns live slide data to OctoCue.


When installing (or upgrading) on macOS, you'll need to grant OctoCue receiver some access rights in System Preferences - see the macOS installation guide for details.

VersionRelease datePlatformFormatSizeLinkRelease notes
1.6.06th Jan 2022Windows 10 64-bit.exe installer70MBDownloadRelease notes
1.6.06th Jan 2022macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) or newerZIP file70MBDownloadRelease notes

Installation guide#

You can also check the troubleshooting page for further assistance.

PowerPoint add-in#

The PowerPoint add-in is a small utility that extracts slide data and slide notes and sends this information to the receiver app in real time.

OctoCue can operate without the PowerPoint add-in running, but no live slide data or notes will be displayed to the presenters.

VersionRelease datePlatformFormatSizeLinkRelease notes December 2020Office 2010 onwards (Windows)ZIP file<1MBDownloadRelease notes

Installation guide#


Installing the add-in also enables the PptDirect slide control feature on OctoCue Receiver, which brings better media handling to PowerPoint.

If you don't want to use the add-in, but would like the benefits of PptDirect, you can manually edit your Receiver config files to suit.

See the advanced configuration page for details.


Presenter link builder spreadsheet#

VersionRelease dateFormatLinkRelease notes
3.028th December 2020ExcelDownloadRelease notes
3.028th December 2020Google Sheets templateOpen in new tabRelease notes

Excel online and Excel on macOS have no support for the ENCODEURL() function used in this spreadsheet.
In this situation we'd recommend using the Google Sheets version.