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Release notes


For release notes relating to the mobile apps, please see the relevant app store listing:

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OctoCue Receiver#


Published 8th Oct 2021

  • Fixed intermittent issue caused by multiple instances of OctoCue Receiver starting
  • Small UI updates


Published 31st Aug 2021

  • Fixed intermittent issue with log in failures resulting in UI hangs
  • Various security updates


Published 17th March 2021

  • Added support for custom buttons
  • UI tweaks on login screen to improve usability


Published 9th March 2021

  • Fixed issue which could cause key presses (and PptDirect commands) to occur even when disabled in config files.


  • Fixed timing issue causing Cannot read property `webContents` of null error on startup.


  • Re-worked local storage initialisation method to avoid async issues.


  • Added PptDirect control protocol
  • Additional menu options for accessing logs & config files
  • New logging capabilities

If you're upgrading to v1.4.x from an earlier version, there's some additional configuration steps you may need to take.

PowerPoint Add-in#

Published 20th December 2020

  • Fixed issue where accessing notes from PowerPoint files created via. Google Slides export failed.

Link builder spreadsheet#


Published 28th December 2020

  • Added invite control variables to support new invite/app onboarding system