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Release notes


For release notes relating to the mobile apps, please see the relevant app store listing:

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OctoCue Receiver#


Published 6th Jan 2022

  • Added auto-update functions for Windows machines
  • New config menu allowing machine name setting
  • Added ability to edit config files directly in-app
  • Small UI updates
  • Various bug fixes


Published 12th December 2021

  • Added support for slide control using buttons on show control dashboard


Published 30th Nov 2021

  • UI improvements
  • Fixed missing uninstall icon (Windows only)
  • Better reporting of connection failures caused by e.g. firewall blocks
  • Added version reporting to aid support and debugging
  • Added socket timeout feature to reduce load on client machine
  • Update underlying code to Electron 15.3.0, bringing various security and stability updates

This release increases the amount of data OctoCue receives from client machines. The following additional items are reported:

  • Receiver version: 1.5.0
  • System architecture: x64
  • System platform: Windows, Darwin (macOS)

For full details of the information transmitted to OctoCue from receviver machines, please see

PowerPoint Add-in#

Published 30th May 2022

  • Added ability to control slides via UDP - see this page for full details.
  • Updated code signing certificate.

Published 20th December 2020

  • Fixed issue where accessing notes from PowerPoint files created via. Google Slides export failed.

Link builder spreadsheet#


Published 28th December 2020

  • Added invite control variables to support new invite/app onboarding system.