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OctoCue receiver installation (macOS)


OctoCue Receiver is supported on macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) or newer.

While OctoCue Receiver will run on older versions of macOS, we've seen issues with slow clicks - see the troubleshooting page for details.

Finally, if you're upgrading to v1.4.x from an earlier version, there's some additional configuration steps you may need to take.


Download the ZIP file from our downloads page and extact from the zip folder.

To run the app, double click on - you may want to copy this to your Applications folder for convenience.

App permissions#

On first run (and first click), the macOS will prompt you to grant permissions to OctoCue receiver.

macOS permissions 1

OctoCue receiver on macOS requires two separate permissions:

  • Accessibility permission
  • Automation permission

See below for samples. To check this, open System Preferences, Security & Privacy and select the Privacy tab.

macOS permissions 2macOS permissions 3

Once all the correct permissions have been granted, close and re-open OctoCue receiver before running a show.


Updating OctoCue Receiver

We've seen instances where permissions get lost when updating OctoCue Receiver.

If you've recently updated and OctoCue Receiver is not controlling slides correctly, remove the existing Accessibility and Automation permissions by un-checking the boxes, and then re-add them.


To Remove OctoCue receiver on macOS, simply delete it from your Applications folder.


Unidentified developer warning#

Depending on your macOS security settings, OctoCue Receiver may trigger a warning:

"OctoCue Receiver" cannot be opened because
the developer cannot be verified.

This is expected behaviour, as we don't currently submit our software to Apple for verification.

To work around this, see this article:


To check your software is genuine, check it was downloaded from one of the following domains: