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OctoCue receiver - updating to v1.4.0

OctoCue Receiver v1.4.0 introduces an updated control method specific to PowerPoint slides, PptDirect.


TL;DR: If you're updating to 1.4.0 (or newer) from a previous version (v1.3.x or earlier), You need to delete your configuration files before installing the update. These files will be re-created (with updated settings) on first run.

To find these files:

  • On windows: %APPDATA%\OctoCue receiver\storage
  • On macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/OctoCue receiver/storage

But you should also read the warning below.

Advantages of using PptDirect#

PptDirect allows OctoCue Receiver to control PowerPoint without emulating keyboard keypresses. This improves presentation reliability, particularly when slides include animations or embedded videos.

With PptDirect, PowerPoint does not need to have focus in order to receive Next and Back commands.


While PowerPoint will receive and respond to PptDirect commands without focus, it may not run videos correctly when in the background.

This depends on your graphics card setup, and is a baked-in characteristic of PowerPoint - not something we have any control over.

Don't use your show machine for additional tasks while you're live!

Downsides of PptDirect#

PptDirect is specific to PowerPoint on Windows, so will not work on macOS. It also cannot be used to control other presentation software - for example Google Slides.

For these situations, you'll need to stick with using keypresses.


We've not seen an issues controlling PowerPoint videos on macOS using keypresses.

Implementing PptDirect#

OctoCue Receiver is able make sensible decisions about when to use PptDirect, based around the presence of the OctoCue PowerPoint Add-in.

  • If OctoCue Receiver detects that the Powerpoint Add-in is running, it will enable PptDirect and disable keypresses
  • If the add-in is not detected, PptDirect is disabled, and keypresses will be used - this ensures that OctoCue Receiver continues to work with Keynote, Google Slides Prezi etc.

It's possible to manually override these settings if your showflow requires it - for example, you may want to use PptDirect but do not want to run the Add-in.

To find more, check the Advanced configuration page.