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By default, OctoCue is setup so only one presenter is in control of the slide deck at any one time. However, we recognise that there are occasions where having two (or more) presenters able to click is useful.

For these situations, users have the option to disable Auto-mute.

Auto-mute settings are in the Show setup menu. Two options are available:

  • Auto-mute the old presenter. This will only ever allow you to have one presenter active at any one time - activating a new presenter will auto-mute the old one. This is the default setting.
  • Allow multiple presenters to control slides simultaneously. When this setting is selected, OctoCue will not auto-mute old presenters and you can have an unlimited number of presenters controlling slides at once. All the active presenters can control the slide deck and see slide notes.



We recommend leaving auto-mute enabled unless you really need to allow multiple presenter control.