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Connection limits

OctoCue has the ability to scale to suit all event sizes - find out about the system limits below.

Maximum number of presenters#

No limit

There's no technical limit on the number of presenters you can have simultaneously connected to an OctoCue account.

In nearly all case, the number of presenters will be naturally limited by the attention span of your audience.

Maximum number of presenters with simultaneous slide control#

No limit

For simplicity (and your own sanity) we recommend that you only have one presenter in control of the slide deck at any one time. However, we recognise that there are occasions where having two or more presenters able to click is useful.

With OctoCue, this is possible by disabling the Auto-mute feature. Once disabled, an unlimited number of presenters can control slides (and see slide notes) simultaneously.

Find out more about auto-mute

Maximum number of show machines#

No limit

An unlimited number of show machines (Windows, macOS or a mixture of both) can be connected to a show. Normally we'd see a main and backup pair, but there's nothing stopping you connecting machines 3, 4 and 5 as well.

All machines can be independently set to respond to clicks, or ignore clicks.


If you do end up connecting lots of machines to an OctoCue show, we'd love to hear about your setup - it helps us plan out our control interface to suit our users.

Maximum number of machines serving notes#


Only one machine can provide the slide notes which are returned to the presenters.

Users can select any of the connected machines for this role.

Maximum number of simultaneous shows#


Each OctoCue account (with it's unique email address login) can control one show.

If you'd like to run multiple shows simultaneously, you'll need multiple accounts.


If you need 3 or more accounts, take a look at our 4-for-3 offer