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System overview

The OctoCue system consists of four elements which work in unison to provide a seamless end-to-end slide control system.

  • Presenter clickers
  • The browser-based show control interface
  • The OctoCue Receiver app
  • (optional) The PowerPoint add-in

To use any of these elements, you’ll need an OctoCue account – either a free trial, or a paid-for account.


Free trial vs. paid plans#

OctoCue offer a free trial plan. This has all the same features and access as a paid-for plan. However, all devices connected to a free trial will pause for 30s every 10 minutes. During this time, no clicks are possible.

To avoid confusion, anything using a free trial plan will display a permanent warning message.

Don’t use free trials on live shows!


Find out more about paid plans here.