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Presenter clicker overview

Anyone who wants to control their presentation using OctoCue will need access to a presenter clicker. This a simple user interface with next and back buttons, along with notes feedback.

Clicker options#

There are three OctoCue clicker products available:

  1. A mobile app for iOS devices, available on the App Store
  2. A mobile app for Android devices, available on Google Play
  3. A browser-based clicker, usable in any modern browser on both mobile and desktop devices
Download on App StoreGet it on Google Play

In general, we'd advise using the mobile apps over the web browser - find out why here.

Embedding clickers in third-party webpages#

The browser-based clicker can be embedded (using an iframe) into third-party webpages. There's a variety of customisation options available to assist with this - see the Advanced link options page for details.

Show access links#

Presenters can access their clicker using a variety of pre-shared links - see the Presenter links page for details.