Troubleshooting: OctoCue receiver

Installation checklist#

If you're having issues with OctoCue receiver, here's a couple of checks that might fix things quickly:

Check you're running a compatible operating system#

OctoCue receiver does not support 32-bit Windows - 64-bit Windows 10 is the only PC operating system supported.

On macOS, you'll need macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

Check your show machine names#

Each receiver machine connected to show needs to have a unique name; two machines with the same name connected to the same show will not work correctly.

To check this:

  • On windows, go to About your PC and look at the Device name field.

  • On macOS, it's in System Preferences - Sharing.

This restriction does not apply to computers used as presenter clickers, or those used to access the show control dashboard.


If you've checked these items and are still having issues, drop an email to with a description of the issues you're experiencing and a copy of your local log file.

Details of where to find the log file are available on the Advanced Configuration page.

Specific issues#

OctoCue Receiver installation fails with the message 'Installation has failed. There was an error while installing the installation. Check setup log...'#

We've seen this issue if you try to install OctoCue Receiver on a 32-bit version of Windows - only 64-bit Windows is supported.

Given the 4 GB RAM limit on 32-bit Windows, we wouldn't recommend running a show on a 32-bit OS.

Every time I click, the deck goes forward (or back) two slides.#

This can happen if you're using Receiver 1.4.0+, which supports the PptDirect feature when running on Windows.

What typically happens is the receiver is controlling PowerPoint direct, but also still sending out keypresses - hence the double slide advance issue.

To fix this, you'll need to check your configurations files, located at %APPDATA%\OctoCue receiver\storage.

If you'd like to use PptDirect (recommended for better video playback compatibility):

  • In keypress.json, make sure useKeyPress is set to auto:
  • In pptdirect.json make sure usePptDirect is also set to auto:

In this configuration, OctoCue will use PptDirect when the OctoCue PowerPoint plugin is detected, but revert to emulated keypresses at all other times, so it can still control Keynote, Google Slides etc.

If either of these are set to true, they'll always be active - hence the chance of double clicks occurring.

For full details of all the configuration settings available in OctoCue Receiver, see the Advanced configuration page.