Hardware options

If your presenters would like physical buttons instead of a touchscreen interface, several options are available.

USB keyboard keys#

Presenters can control OctoCue clickers using keyboard button presses. The following keys can be used to trigger an OctoCue clicker:

Next command:

  • Arrow key right
  • Arrow key down
  • Space bar
  • Page Down

Back command:

  • Arrow key left
  • Arrow key up
  • Page Up

Dedicated slide control hardware#

Many handheld show control devices on the market use these keyboard commands, so can be used with OctoCue. Devices we've tested are:

  • Kensington Wireless Presenter
  • Logitech R400 Laser Presentation Remote
  • The Interspace MasterCue range of cueing systems

These remotes can be used with in conjunction with any PC, Mac or phone connected to OctoCue - although you may need a USB adaptor.

On all these devices, only the next and back buttons will function - Show Start/Stop and Screen Black commands are not supported.

If you're planning on using physical buttons with OctoCue be careful when multi-tasking. In order to react to keyboard commands, the OctoCue clicker window needs to be in the foreground (have focus). Casually checking your email and forgetting to switch back to OctoCue will result in missed clicks.