4-for-3 offer

If you need multiple OctoCue accounts (maybe for a large conference with lots of breakout rooms) we offer a multi-buy discount.

For every three OctoCue licenses you buy, we'll give you a fourth one for free.

To take advantage of this:

  • Setup four OctoCue accounts, each with a different email address.
  • Purchase 3 paid plans (1-month rental, monthly subscription or annual subscription) for three of your shiny new accounts.
  • Drop us a email to support@octocue.com with details of the three accounts you've paid for, and the email address of the fourth account you'd like upgraded.
  • We'll upgrade the fourth account for you.

The 4-for-3 account offer is valid for as long as you have the other 3 paid accounts, and you can use this offer as many times as necessary:

  • 6 +2 free
  • 9 +3 free
  • 30 +10 free

Upgrading the fourth account could take up to 2 working days - so if you've got a tight deadline to meet:

  • Buy all four accounts so you're up-and-running immediately
  • After the show, get in touch and we'll sort out a refund on the fourth payment