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Admin-friendly updates

Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts

Head of development @ OctoCue

Following user feedback, we've updated the show control dashboard to change the way presenter cards appear (and disappear) on-screen.


Presenter cards no longer auto-disappear on the show control dashboard.

Previously, cards might jump to new on-screen positions as presenters variously joined and left OctoCue - this was bad UX for admins, especially when they're concentrating carefully on switching presenters.

Even worse, if the interface updated at the same moment you unmute a presenter, there was the risk of unmuting the wrong person.

Following our update, presenter cards will always stay in one location - when a presenter disconnects from OctoCue their card will not disappear automatically, but can be deleted by admins manually, as and when required.


As you can see above, we've also tweaked the interface colour scheme to make interactive elements - buttons & links - clearer.

Finally - and unrelated to the show control dashboard - we've also just updated OctoCue Receiver, now at v1.5.0. Read the release notes for full details, or head straight to the downloads page to get the new version.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback leading to these updates.

If you have a feature request or a UI tweak you'd like to see, drop us an email to - we love to hear from our users!