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Updated UI elements, notes text size control

Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts

Head of development @ OctoCue

Following a round of great feedback from OctoCue users running virtual events recently, we've updated the presenter clicker, show control & backend services of OctoCue:

Presenter clicker#

  • Introduced new wakelock system, replacing older screen timeout prompts
    This will prevent devices from sleeping while using OctoCue, but can be disabled using menu option. Supports Chrome (v84+) and Safari (iOS v10+).
  • Advanced link options updated and extended, including ability to set notes text size and default presenter view
  • Presenter link builder Google Sheet updated to match new link options - now at v2.2
  • Fixed issue on Safari where special characters in names caused cookie error

Show control#

  • Updated menu bar to show account email address instead of name
  • Subscriptions page now context-sensitive
  • Re-worked menu system for greater clarity

Backend services#

  • Upgraded logging and debug tools