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Presenter link QR codes

Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts

Head of development @ OctoCue


Most OctoCue presenters use a smartphone to control their slides - it's easy, convenient, and leaves the laptop available for the inevitable Zoom/Teams call.

To help get presenters connected easily, we're improving the invite & link sharing process.

Today, the first part of this is live - presenter link QR codes.

You'll find these in the Show setup menu.

We've included an option to display the QR code full-screen - useful if you need to scan a code on your friend's computer while maintaining social distancing.

We'll be using QR codes in more places soon, including permalinks and the link builder spreadsheet - watch this space for further updates.


The demo show shown in the image is using the high security 36-character show code option. This is available under the Regenerate code link.